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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Infants 6 weeks to 7 month
Monkey Tree Learning Center offers infant care to babies 6 weeks to 7 months. In this classroom we provide individualized infant care for your baby. The infant classroom is staffed full time with warm, nurturing teachers that take pride in caring for your infant. 

Wobblers 8 month to 16 months 

The Wobbler room is designed for the "wobbling" stage of life. Babies enroll or transition from the infant room to the Wobbler room typically between 7 & 8 months. This classroom is designed to enrich your child's learning and mobility. In this classroom we spend our day teaching the children basic sign language, taking turns, modeling play with other children, and basic safety commands. This classroom enrolls 8 children at a time and always is staff with two teachers. We encourage you to take a tour of the Wobbler room and experience the all we have to offer your little one. 


The Toddler classrooms are divided into four separate classrooms. Our Tots and todds 1 classrooms are specifically designed for 1 year olds who are eager and ready to learn. Both classrooms follow daily curriculum and spend their day exploring and learning with one another. Their learning time looks a lot like singing, dancing and playing with friends, but we assure you learning comes in play too! Our tots classroom enrolls 4 children with 1 teacher and our Todds 1 room enrolls 8 children with two teachers. 

Todds 2 is our classroom of two year olds and is broken down into two groups: Todds 2 and Early Preschool. Here the two's follow preschool curriculum. They learn letters, numbers, shapes and identifying their names. Each two year old participates in circle time and class jobs. Our two's are busy learning and preparing for preschool, day in and day out! 

Monkey Tree Learning Center always staffs out Toddler rooms with two staff members to ensure safety while learning with their friends. 

 Preschool 3-5


Monkey Tree ​Learning Center offers Preschool all day long. Our preschool program consists of two classrooms, one full time Preschool Promise program and one with flexible times and care to meet the individual needs of our kids and parents. Monkey Tree's preschool curriculum follows the creative curriculum model. 

School Age 5-12


Monkey Tree ​Learning Center offers an after school program for school age children. Our program consists of part time before and after school care for the school year and full day care on all no school days and throughout the summer. St Helens School District offers transportation from Lewis & Clark and McBride to our center. Our Summer program includes off-site field trips and fun, hands on learning. 

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